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9 Wine Tasting Events You Have To Visit

9 Wine Tasting Events You Have To Visit

9 Wine Tasting Events You Have To Visit

Wine tasting events are hosted each year almost everywhere around the world. And even if some may think they are exclusivist gatherings reserved to the connoisseurs, the truth is that most of them welcome all guests.

We’re talking mainly about wine festivals and other annual fairs you can visit to learn more about your favorite beverage. So, whether you’re an expert or a beginner, here are 9 amazing wine tasting events you have to visit!

1. London Wine Week

Organized by DrinkUp.London, London Wine Week is a seven-day summer festival held in one of the most cosmopolite capitals of the world. The festival takes place across the city and includes 125 venues plus numerous pop-up wine bars and more.

During the festival, you’ll have delicious brunches, Champagne dinners and also the possibility to attend tutored wine tastings. Moreover, the wine bars involved create bespoke tasting flights and tasty demonstrations of food pairings called “sip&snack”.

The festival welcomes everyone who has a Festival Pass holder. The e-ticket is accessible either on a mobile app or on the organizer’s website.

Why Should You Visit?

London Wine Week gives you the perfect chance to combine travel with interesting activities and wine tasting events. During the festival, you’ll have the chance to explore many zones of the city, have a taste of the British lifestyle and enjoy your favorite drink in one of the numerous wine venues.

There are many ad-hoc events too, you’ll be able to taste some of the most popular or less known wines and learn about grape varieties, wine and food pairing, and aroma identification from professional winemakers and experienced sommeliers.


London, England

2. California Wine Festival

California Wine Festival is one of the most popular wine events in the USA and a great place where to taste all the wines from some of the most famous wineries in the state. Besides getting to know wines, there are exciting events to attend.

The festival is held in Orange County and in Santa Barbara, each location boasting its own wine tasting events. Besides wine, you’ll also be able to taste local delicacies, such as cheeses and cold cuts, appetizers, fresh fruits, and more.

The festival also offers you the chance to get real bargains on double magnum bottles of premium wines and wine accessories, along with the possibility to attend wine country trips and tours.

Why Should You Visit?

California Wine Festival is a rather exclusivist event that accommodates a maximum of 600 participants. The tickets are available for everyone and the fee includes unlimited wine tasting, appetizers, a stem glass and a program.

The festival gives you the possibility to learn more about California’s wine regions and winemaking process, discover the territory’s wineries and get real bargains on premium wines. Moreover, 100% of the net profits are used to support humanitarian causes and non-profits.


Orange County or Santa Barbara, California

3. Festival Of Wine

Born in 2002, the Festival of Wine is a result of the initiative of Tom Cannavan, a wine expert determined to create an event dedicated to this famous beverage is his native city, Glasgow. Since then, the festival turned into a popular wine event sprinkled with superb wine tastings, educational classes, and more.

The festival is now held in Glasgow, London, and Edinburgh in different dates during the year, allowing wine enthusiasts to pick the favorite city and dates to attend.

The festivals take place in stunning venues and give visitors the opportunity to discover great wines and amazing architecture. A perfect way of combining pleasure with learning about your favorite beverage.

Why Should You Visit?

The festival is affordable and created to educate the masses. As such, all events are organized to allow people to enjoy interesting wine tasting sessions, educational classes hosted by expert tutors, wine and food pairing events, and more.

You’ll have the chance to taste 250 premium wines, get discounts on wines to purchase, discover exclusivist venues and enjoy an amazing city of your choice. Moreover, you’ll even have the chance to win a bottle of Champagne.


Glasgow, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

London, England

4. Bordeaux Wine Festival

wine tasting events

Advertised as “an exceptional event to attend in Europe”, Bordeaux Wine Festival is a biennial event that promotes the wines from Bordeaux and Nouvelle-Aquitaine regions. Apart from the wines, this unique wine event also promotes Bordeaux region and its natural beauty, above all Garonne River.

Without a doubt, this is one of the leading European wine tasting events to attend. The festival is set on the Garonne riverfront and boasts a 3-kilometer long open-air wine road that gets you through the most iconic wine regions of France.

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to meet Bordeaux winemakers and vendors, while wine tasting events are hosted by the pop-up wine bars installed along the road. Promoting the diversity, authenticity, and quality of Bordeaux wines, this is undoubtedly an event to visit if you want to learn more about those wines that marked the history.

Why Should You Visit?

Bordeaux Wine Festival is a unique event promoting exquisite French wines alongside a rich local culture and traditions. Despite its name, the festival focuses on much more than wine and it’s more of an event created to celebrate the region’s unique traits.

The wine road features 10 booths where visitors can sample different wines from Bordeaux and Nouvelle-Aquitaine regions. The access is free but there is a ticket that includes 12 free tastings, a stem glass and glass holder, a free public transportation ticket, free entrance to a tasting workshop and numerous advantages and privileges.


Bordeaux, France

5. Cincinnati International Wine Festival

Cincinnati International Wine Festival is one of the largest wine events in the United States, hosting every year dozens of wine-related events, such as wine tastings, educational classes, workshops, wine and food pairing classes, and more.

The festival was founded in 1991 to promote the country’s wine industry and raise funds for local charities. And probably its charitable side contributed to the event’s success.

Regarding the wine tasting events, the festival hosts a Grand Tasting event that features more than 700 classic and rare wines produced in over 200 wineries around the world. The guests will be able to enjoy samples of the wines alongside delicious foods. There is also a Special Tasting Room event to attend.

Why Should You Visit?

Cincinnati International Wine Festival is an exciting event to attend whether you’re an expert in wines or just an intrigued beginner. Besides amazing wine tasting events, the festival is the place where you can meet winemakers and vendors and learn some of the best-kept secrets of wine pairing.

You’ll have the chance to learn more about wine flights, explore the versatility of Pinots and discover some of the world’s most famous wine countries.


Cincinnati, Ohio

6. Chianti Classico Wine Festival

We couldn’t talk about international wine tasting events to visit without mentioning Italy, one of the world’s most famous wine countries. There are countless wine tasting events organized in Italy all year long, but a noteworthy one is Chianti Classico Wine Festival.

The event takes place each September in Greve in Chianti and celebrates one of the most famous wine regions in the world. It is enough to remember that wine has been produced in this area for over 2000 years to understand the importance of the region and of the event.

The festival is opened for four days and includes wine tasting events, live music, artisan workshops, and more. Apart from the wine, the festival also promotes the local delicacies such as the olive oil, cheeses and cold cuts, the local habits and traditions.

Why Should You Visit?

Promoting the genuine Italian lifestyle, Chianti Classico Wine Festival focuses on years of wine culture and not only. You’ll have a chance to taste some of the most famous wines of Tuscany and explore unknown flavors and aromas of wines that are only produced for the locals.

Moreover, you’ll also have the opportunity to taste local delicacies, learn how to pair Italian wine with the best foods and enjoy the mesmerizing Chianti area between wineries, churches, and castles. Without a doubt, this is one of the most authentic wine festivals to visit.


Greve in Chianti, Italy

7. Lake Oconee Food & Wine

Lake Oconee Food & Wine is another exclusive wine event to attend in the beautiful Lake Oconee area. Established in 2008, the festival promotes good food and fine wines through an array of tasting sessions, educational classes and more.

Wine experts and producers bring together culinary specialties from local and regional venues and show guests how to pair them with more than 100 premium wines. Like you could expect, attending this event means sampling and tasting amazing wines and food in a wonderful location.

This famous festival brings together winemakers, renowned chefs and regional communities in an attempt to celebrate life and support various causes.

Why Should You Visit?

Visiting this festival means much more than learning about food and wine. The festival’s mission is to sponsor and support educational programs for youth in the area, and there are many ways to contribute. Proceeds from ticket sales, auctions and sponsorships fund community programs and schools in the area.

On the other hand, you’ll also have a chance to attend exciting wine tasting events and learn how to pair foods and wines from the experts.


Lake Oconee, Georgia

8. Vintage Illinois

wine tasting events

Vintage Illinois is probably the largest wine festival in the state. Founded in 2003, the event is held every year at the picturesque Matthiessen State Park. The hosts are more than 25 wineries from the county and the guests are delighted with exciting wine tasting events, entertainment and more.

Located on a flat grassy area, this outdoor event brings together many restaurateurs and winemakers promoting their beverages and food. But the purpose of the festival goes beyond promotion.

In fact, the event is organized by the Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Association, a non-profit organization that focuses on developing viticulture and enology in Illinois. The event is intended as an opportunity to exchange information and encourage cooperation between vineyards, wineries, and vintners in the area.

Why Should You Visit?

Attending this festival means learning about the regional wines from Illinois, discover the region’s winemaking history and explore their culinary traditions. You’ll be able to taste famous delicacies from the most famous restaurateurs in the state and sample a wide variety of wines produced in the area.


Matthiessen State Park, Illinois

9. Budapest Wine Festival

Although less famous than Italy or France, Hungary is one of the most important wine countries in Europe. On the country’s territory are grown over 140 grape varieties, the wine regions are considered historic and the delicious Tokaji is an iconic wine produced in Hungary.

The winemaking tradition in Hungary is secular, so it makes sense to attend wine tasting events in this part of the world. The best event to attend is probably the Budapest Wine Festival, an eclectic event that brings together over 200 wineries from Hungary and 14 other countries.

The festival has a cultural side too and features over 60 different programs that focus on the promotion of traditions. Besides exciting wine tasting events, guests can attend different workshops, visit exhibitions, attend lectures and learn about wine and winemaking.

Why Should You Visit

Budapest Wine Festival gives you the opportunity to learn more about less popular wines, discover new flavors and aromas and live the unique vibe specific to Eastern Europe. You’ll be able to taste over 200 wines and enjoy various local and international dishes.

Apart from the festival, you’ll also have a chance to explore Budapest, one of the most romantic cities in the world. The event is held on the terraces of Buda Castle, a unique setting that has inspired numerous artists and filmmakers over the years.


Budapest, Hungary

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