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This post was updated on: November 1, 2019

5 Awesome Wine Gift Basket Ideas for 5 Awesome Personalities

With these wine gift basket ideas you'll be sure to  make a great addition to parties, birthdays, and anniversaries. Who wouldn’t want to win a beautiful arrangement of wine, snacks, tools and other goodies? No need to spend a lot of money at a fancy shop. You can make a beautiful basket at a fraction of the cost and customize it to fit your needs. Here’s how to build the perfect gift basket for a wine lover - whether they are a techie, into green living or any of a variety of other personality types.

The Techie

Need a gift for a gadget loving friend? Know someone who is drawn to anything that has a technological slant to it? Then make a basket for tech lovers. Yes, wine is incredibly modern and has entered the digital age. Here's what to include:

The Geek

Wine Gift Basket Ideas for Nerd

If you have a Dr. Who lover in your life, someone who loves sci-fi or science, or reminds you of the characters on The Big Bang Theory, consider putting together a Geek Chic wine gift basket that includes a selection of these items:

The Newlyweds

Instead of the standard check, spend a little money on creating the perfect wine gift basket for the newlyweds in your life. Complete with some beautiful touches celebrating the happy couple you’ll start their marriage off right with these romantic gifts.

  • Consider starting with a personalized, beautiful wine box that will hold three bottles. This box holds three bottles. Have it shipped to you and use packing materials and start them with two bottles. Then add a few of these suggestions.
  • Hop onto Etsy and order custom etched wine glasses. Whether you go stemless and monogrammed, commemorate their engagement or wedding date, or personalize their Mr. and Mrs. status becoming official, you can’t go wrong with a personal touch.
  • Also found on Etsy, consider some custom-made wine charms with pictures of the couple through their relationship or, for a post-wedding gift, at the wedding.

The Maestro

Got a wine lover on your gift list who’s also a music lover? Consider merging their passions into some music-inspired wine ware for the perfect wine gift basket for the music lover in your life:

  • Add some kitsch to their wine drinking with this set of musical wine glasses
  • Add a few music-themed wine charms to the basket, or some love quotes for him, to keep the theme going.
  • While not proven by science, many think there are certain types of music that go with certain varietals of wine, consider burning a disc or making a digital playlist to go along with the bottles you’ll put in the basket. If nothing else, your music lover will be psyched at the idea of some new tunes.

The Environmentalist

The environmentalist

Lots of people are going green these days. Help your enviro-friendly, wine lover friend hug a few trees with a gift basket that matches his values.

  • Select bottles from winemakers that value leaving as little of a footprint as possible. The best way to do this is to talk to your local wine shop and stress that you would like a local wine - the shorter the trip, the less of a footprint.
  • Check out cortizza.com for great packaging ideas like this two-bottle tote made from cork. Purchase a few other goodies from the site (like cork coasters) and your gift is recyclable and made from low impact materials.
  • These glasses made from recycled glass will add a beautiful, sturdy touch to any eco-friendly wine gift basket.

Some Final Tips For a Perfect Wine Gift Basket

Now that you have an idea of great gifts for people on your list, here are some tips to help you put together the perfect basket:

1. Opt for functional packaging

Opt for functional packaging rather than use a basket, think about something that might come in handy around the house. Not only is this a cheaper option but it will also give the receiver something they can reuse - unlike a basket.

Best options include silicone tubs that are perfect for filling with ice at parties, a picnic basket that can be reused all of the time, or a reusable insulated grocery tote. Large grocery stores will have a variety of options in different colors and patterns to help you begin creating the perfect basket.

2. Provide some variety

Select 3-4 Bottles Of Wine Unless noted in the description, this is the perfect amount for a wine gift basket.

3. Don't forget the munchies

assortment of cheese, meat

Don't forget the munchies that complement wines you've selected. Have some fun by going online and researching the best compliments in cheese, meats, chocolate and fruit. Rather than stick with one, select 1-2 for each bottle and arrange them in the basket. Create handwritten tags or develop a document you can print on high quality paper explaining what snacks to pair with which wines to show the effect wine and foods can have on each other.

4. The essential tools of the trade

Head to your local shops and pick up a few tools that every wine drinker should have in their home. While some suggestions are listed with baskets, these are the types of things all wine lovers will appreciate:

  • A simple corkscrew or wine key
  • A few bar or tea towels
  • A foil cutter
  • An insulated wine bag
  • A slubbed or baked wine bottle cutting board/cheese plate
  • Nice glasses (especially if you use a picnic basket to create your wine gift basket)
  • Wine glass charms
  • Decorative cork or bottle stopper
  • Decanter

5. Cellophane Wrap

Use clear cellophane wrap and set your basket on top of it before pulling it up and over. A simple bow tied with rattan adds a nice touch to your basket.

Creating a wine gift basket on your own, rather than purchasing one online or at a local shop, allows you to create a completely personalized gift. What are the items you would want to find in a wine basket someone gave to you?

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