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25 Original Wine Charms Ideas

25 Original Wine Charms Ideas

25 Original Wine Charms Ideas

 If you have more than one guest with the same initials, you could use charms of different colors to help guests identify their glasses.

A great idea is to decorate the stem of each glass with a wine charm with the initial of each guest.

1. Initial Wine Charms

If you are now dreaming of decorating the glasses at your next wine and cheese party, use these 25 original wine charms ideas to get inspired!

Wine charms have numerous uses. On the one hand, they can be used as party favors or small gifts. On the other hand, when personalized, they can help guests keep track of their own glass. Moreover, wine charms can even act as decorations at a themed party.

Wine charms are popular small decorations used to decorate or personalize wine glasses at parties. On the other hand, wine charms are also used to label the decanters when is served more than a red wine.  

2. Vintage Wine Charms

Wine Charms Ideas

If you are hosting a girls night in, your friends will most likely appreciate going home with a vintage wine charm. To add versatility to this small object, you can use vintage pendants fixed on thin rings.

Use the pendants as wine charms during the party, then your friends will be able to put the pendants on a necklace or bracelet and use them as jewelry. 

3. Cork Wine Charms

At a wine-themed party, using cork wine charms is probably the best idea. There are numerous ways to make cork wine charms, and you can transform full corks in pendants or slice them and make round charms with slices of corks.

To give personality to these corks, you can use DIY stamps to decorate the charms with the desired motifs.

4. Pet Wine Charms

If all your guests have pets, another interesting idea is to make a personalized wine charm for each guest making small pendants with the photos of their furry friends.

To make the charms even more valuable, ask a jeweler to enclose the photos in small frames made of silver or another precious metal.

5. Name Wine Charms

If you just want to help your guests keep track of their glasses, then you can opt for wine charms with their names written on it.

Again, you can find the charms in commerce or you can do them yourself. In the latter case, there are many materials and ideas to use, including making wine charms of cardboard or paper.

6. Photo Frame Wine Charms

In the case of family reunions, surprise your guests with a photo frame wine charm. You can use small photos to announce an important event such as an engagement or pregnancy, or even to celebrate an anniversary.

The small photo frames can then be used as pendants or as simple decorations in the family collection.

7. Beads Wine Charms

Wine Charms Ideas

Bead charms are always a good idea. Beads are loved by everyone, they are easily customizable and they literally come in all colors.

Many manufacturers propose their lines of bead wine charms but you can even unleash your fantasy and do them yourself, using colorful beads and simple earrings.

8. Antique Bronze Wine Charms

If you really like vintage, you could use antique bronze charms to decorate your glasses. Bronze charms are usually easy to find at flea markets or you could use vintage-like objects that are easy to find in jewelry stores.

Regarding the models, the ideas are infinite and go from tiny simple pendants to brooches and small photo frames or cameos.

9. Scrabble Piece Wine Charms

For an informal party, choose wooden scrabble pieces and use them as wine charms. Simply drill a small hole in a corner of each piece and fix it on a ring then around the stem of the glass.

If you don’t feel like doing the charms yourself, some manufacturers propose similar solutions.

10. Wrath Of Grapes Wine Charms

If you love making your own wine at home, it is always a good idea to celebrate the harvest and the beginning of the winemaking season with a wine party.

To keep all decorations true to the theme, decorate the glasses with charms representing wraths or grapes.

11. Glitter Wine Charms

A wonderful idea for a girls party but also suitable for the Holiday season, glitter wine charms will certainly add some sparkling to your event.

There are loads of ideas, such as filling small globes with glitter or simply glue some glitter on small metal plates.

12. Murano Glass Wine Charms

Wine Charms Ideas

Valuable wine charms your guests will appreciate are those made of Murano glass. The skillful glass masters in Italy make charms using different glass-making techniques and the results are always superlative.

In spring and summer, you can use mille-fleur charms, which are realized through a complex manufacturing process. For autumn and winter, there are numerous Murano glass charms made with glitter and outstanding combinations of colors.  

13. Indian-Inspired Wine Charms

India has a fascinating culture and some of the most beautiful jewels in the world. Their style is unique and rich in significations, and for this reason, you could use some Indian-inspired good luck wine charms.

For example, you could use small elephant pendants. An elephant with its trunk positioned upwards is considered to bring good luck, and even if you don’t believe it, giving a good-luck charm to your guests will certainly do no harm.

14. Swarovski Wine Charms

Who doesn’t love Swarovski crystal beads? They are simply stunning and suitable for both ladies and gents. Use them to beautify your wine glasses then let your guests to take them home as a favor or gift.

These charms are ideal as wedding shower gifts or even as wedding favors.

15. Festive Wine Charms

In the Holiday season, use themed wine charms to help your guests keep track of their glasses. Simply use Christmas or winter themed pendants, such as Santa Clause, sleighs, snowflakes, reindeers, elves, and other themed objects to decorate your table with success.

16. Crochet Wine Charms

Any DIY enthusiast will love to receive a crochet wine charm. They are easy to make, and you could either stitch the crochet on metal rings or fix the charms to the stem of the glasses with small strings.

These charms are perfect to use for baby showers or other parties that have babies in the center of the attention.

17. Gemstone Wine Charms

Wine Charms Ideas

Gemstones are attractive and usually inexpensive. For this reason, many DIY lovers choose to use them to make charms and other decorative objects.

Since gemstones go hand in hand with astrology, you can use a gemstone wine charm for each guest matching it with the zodiacal sign.

18. Flower Wine Charms

A creative DIY idea is to make your own flower wine charms from craft foam.

Craft foam comes in all colors and you can use it to make any shape of charms, not only flowers. Be versatile and surprise your guests next time you host an event.

19. Mod Melts Wine Charms

You don’t need special skills to make mod melts wine charms. It is easy to find all necessary materials in almost all crafts shops and it takes a really short time to make unique decorations.

20. Pom Pom Wine Charms

Pom poms are fashionable. In the recent years, they are used to decorating shoes, clothes, and even accessories.

Some of these accessories are the wine charms. Use differently colored pom poms to help your guests identify their glasses, and you can even make original decorations by mixing and matching more pom poms on the same ring.

21. Felt Wine Charms

Just like craft foam, felt can be used to make original wine charms. The difference between the two materials is that felt is more resistant and it can be used to make even glass coats.

You can make unique decorations by using felt of different colors and by decorating your charms with other elements such as buttons or pearls.

22. Pearl Wine Charms

Speaking about pearls, you could even use them to make wine charms. If you’re not very skillful, some manufacturers even make pearl wine charms that are beautiful and ready to use.

If true pearls are out of your budget, you can always opt for faux pearls which are equally beautiful but more budget-friendly.

23. Jingle Bell Wine Charms

Decorate your glasses with colorful jingle bells if you want to add a touch of originality to your event. If you want to use the wine charms as a gift, know that jingle bells can be used for multiple purposes and they can make beautiful decorations.

24. Themed Wine Charms

Wine charms are ideal to use for any themed party. To decorate your glasses, simply choose small pendants that match with the main theme.

For example, you can choose pendants representing sea life if you want to throw a beach party or natural elements for a garden party held in spring or autumn.

25. Favors Wine Charms

To mark an event, such as a wedding, christening, or anniversary, you can opt for favor wine charms with the names and date engraved on the pendant.

These favor wine charms are also ideal to use for Save The Date events.

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