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DIY Wine Bottle Lights: Creative Ideas For Your Empty Wine Bottles

DIY Wine Bottle Lights: Creative Ideas For Your Empty Wine Bottles

DIY Wine Bottle Lights Creative Ideas For Your Empty Wine Bottles

As a wine lover, ending up with dozens of empty bottles is easy. Whether you have thrown a wine and cheese party or just consumed some of the wine received from your wine club, gathering empty bottles is as easy as pie.

Most of the times, these bottles end up straight into the trash bin. But what if you could actually transform them into creative manifestations of your artistic genius?

Recently I have stumbled upon an awesome creative idea: making DIY wine bottle lights that you can use to enhance the beauty of your home. There are countless ways to achieve a spectacular result and I have gathered a few of my favorite projects in an attempt to inspire you.

Check out these 3 ways of creating your own DIY wine bottle lights that are fun and easy to make.
DIY Wine Bottle Lights

1. Candle Wine Bottle Lights

I have to admit when thinking about wine bottle lights using candles wasn’t the first thing that crossed my mind. Yet, I have come across this idea a few weeks ago and I have to say the result is completely awesome. There are various ways to use your empty wine bottles as candle holders, depending on how creative you are.

Probably one of the easiest ways to create a beautiful decorative effect is by using long and slim candles with the diameter almost equal to the neck of the wine bottle. To make the lights, simply clean up the empty bottles and remove the labels. Fix the candles on the bottle’s neck and there you go… your quick and easy DIY wine bottle lights are ready.

For a more sophisticated effect, an awesome idea is to cut the bottles in half and use the upper part to cover a flat candle.

The easiest way to cut the bottle is with a glass cutter then you can use either a flame and iced water or boiling water to separate the two sides.

In the lack of a glass cutter, another method to cut the bottle is with the help of yarn and nail polish remover.

For this method, you will need:
  • Yarn
  • Nail polish remover containing acetone
  • A source of fire
  • A bucket full of iced water

To cut the glass:

  • Soak the yarn string into the nail polish remover
  • Tie the yarn tightly around the bottle, at the desired height. I would recommend cutting the bottle in half, but the decision is yours.
  • Light up the yarn and let it burn for a few seconds
  • When the flame catches up the whole wick, dip the bottle into the bucket of iced water
  • Gently lift the bottle. The bottom side should simply remove itself.

Regardless of how you cut the glass, it is a good practice to smoothen the edges of the bottle once the bottom part is removed, with a sheet of sand paper.

You can cut as many bottles as you like and use them to cover either flat candles or pillar candles, depending on the cutting height.

Candle wine bottle lights are perfect to decorate a rustic or romantic environment, such as a room decorated with Shabby Chic elements or the living area of a countryside home. They could also make splendid decorative elements when trying to impress your better half at a romantic dinner.

2. DIY Wine Bottle Lights: Electric Lamp

If you’re not quite the romantic type yet still love arts and crafts, you can use the empty wine bottles to create beautiful and original lamps​.

In this case, there are also several options to choose from.

One I particularly like for its simplicity is that of installing a small light bulb into the cork and use it to create subtle light effects.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you will not be able to use the original corks of the bottles, as they will be too big to fit both the light and the bottle’s neck. For this reason, it is a good idea to invest in some rustic or decorative cork wine stoppers and use them to install your lights on.  

Alternatively, you can use cork roll to create your own bottle corks with lights.

In addition to the corks you will need:

  • A drill
  • Small party lights in the colors of your choice

To make the wine bottle lights:

  • Soak the corks in hot water for about 10 minutes, then drill holes into them that can accommodate the small lights.
  • Fix the top of the party light into the drilled hole, paying attention to not break the cork.
  • Attach the top part of the party light and place the cork on the bottle. That’s it, your easy-to-make wine bottle lights are ready to use.

Another splendid idea of transforming your wine bottles into creative lamps is by using the upper part of the bottles to create suspended kitchen lamps.

To do this, simply cut the bottles as described above, then fix a regular-size light bulb inside each bottle you want to use. The power cord will pass through the neck of the bottle and you can easily attach these creative lamps to the ceiling.

An idea for the Holiday Season is to use Christmas tree lights and wine bottles to create attractive light effects.

If this idea caught your interest, simply arrange a string of Christmas lights inside the bottle, then place the bottle on the fireplace or on the dinner table to impress your guests.

If you want to use this idea for a party, simply replace the intermittent lights instead of the still ones.

3. DIY Wine Bottle Lava Lamps

I love lava lamps. In my opinion, watching the elements floating in these types of lamps is relaxing so when I found out that it is easy to transform the empty wine bottles into amazing lava lamps I was thrilled.

Here is how to make it in a few easy steps:
  • Select a clear glass wine bottle, preferably of white wine or champagne.
  • Clean the bottle thoroughly, remove the labels and degrease it.
  • For this project, it is advisable to use a bottle with a screw cap instead of cork, even if the wine might be of a poorer quality.
  • Once the bottle is clean, fill two-thirds of it with cold tap water.
  • Color the water with food dye. You can choose the color that best suits your interior décor or simply the color you like best. Regarding the intensity of the color, just add food dye until you reach the desired shade. For a more sparkling effect, add some glitter to the colored water.
  • Now it is time to add vegetable oil to the mixture. Fill the bottle with oil allowing a space of an inch or two to prevent overflowing. Let the mixture sit until the oil and water separate completely.
  • To make the lava lamp move, simply add some salt to the mixture and cap the bottle. The water and oil will move in opposite directions in a perpetual motion. If the movement stops, simply add more salt to the mixture to start your lava lamp again.

Although it is recommended to use screw cap bottles for safety reasons, unless you have a small child or a restless pet, it is completely safe to use a corked bottle. In this case, you can simply install a small party light into a cork bottle stopper and use it to enhance the beauty of your DIY wine bottle lava lamp.

Final Thoughts

There are dozens of creative ideas that feature empty wine bottles as protagonists. Creating original wine bottle lights is probably one of the most attractive ways of using them.

Nevertheless, if none of these ideas inspire you, remember that there is always a different way of recycling and creating one-of-a-kind useful objects with elements that many might consider trash. Just give it a go and remember to share your creative ideas with us!

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