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Wine Barrels for Sale: Which Type Are You Looking For?

wine barrels for sale

When deciding upon which wine barrels for sale you are interested in, you should know the reason why wine barrels are so special.

In wine history, the use of oak has been used in wine making for a thousand years. Over time winemakers realized that not only was oak a good way to store wine, oak also brought properties to the wine that were not present when wine was stored in any other way. Those properties are:-​

  1. Oak makes wine softer. The porous nature of an oak barrel, allows evaporation and oxygenation to occur in wine, but not at levels that would cause spoilage. This process allows the wine to concentrate its flavor and aroma. The small amounts of oxygen that are allowed to pass through the barrel act as a softening agent upon the wines tannins.​
  2. Oak improves the flavor of the wine. Phenols within the wood interact to produce vanilla type flavors that can give the impression of sweetness.

Whether you want a wine barrel for the home, a wine barrel for the garden or a wine barrel ornament just for show. You will not be disappointed with your choice. In this list of some of the best wine barrels, I have included what wine barrels are best for the home, which are better for the garden and which are better as decorative pieces. There are plenty of wine barrels for sale on this list so enjoy!

​Wine Barrels For Sale In The Home:-

​Wine Barrels For Sale As Vanity Sinks

​Wine barrel sinks make a fantastic addition to your home; they are incredibly stylish and add a touch of glamour that others will envy. Their authenticity creates an ambiance that fills the house with warmth.

I think that if you like things that are unique, you will lovea wine barrel vanity sink. What a lovely way to start the day, when you have your morning wash in this wonderful vanity sink. I loved the design so much that I have decorated my bathroom around the sink. I have matched the colour ofthe walls to the colour of the oak. I have had matching oak cupboards built and I have added touches of copper to highlight the whole look. My family and friends all think it looks outstanding. I am really pleased with it.​

​Wine Barrels For Sale As Drinks Bars

If you are like me and you love your wine, you are going to be blown away by the wine barrel bar. It is of an outstanding design, it has all the qualities you could wish for and the wood it is made from looks totally divine.

​It has a beautifully finished surface, where you can pour yourself that long awaited wine you've been dreaming about all day. Between sips you can set your glass down on its shiny surface and just enjoy the warm feeling you have inside.

It has a foot rest at the base which comes in really handy. Whether you want to stand at the bar talking and drinking, or sit and chat for hours on end. The foot rest is a great asset to have.​

Above all else, the one thing that stands out about this wine barrel bar is its uniqueness. It is a great talking point when family and friends call to visit; they all think it's brilliant.​

​Wine Barrels For Sale As Stools

There are lots of different wine barrel stools to choose from for your home, but the one that gets my vote is a stool which is small enough for my feet to reach the floor. I absolutely loathe sitting on a high bar stool where my feet don't touch the floor. I end up swinging my legs backwards and forwards because there is nowhere to rest them.

​I like to have a padded seat for extra comfort, because otherwise I find that the wood digs into my legs. I like the writing that is on the side of the wine barrel stool; it is very authentic and lets your imagination run riot with all the possibilities of travelling to vineyards, and sampling the wine as it is freshly drawn from the barrel.

Wine Barrel For Sale As Cupboards​

Wine barrel cupboards are not only practical they are totally awesome to look at. They show your personality completely. How many people do you know who store their wine bottles in such an unusual cupboard as this? It's a great ice breaker when people first visit your home, they will want to know all about it.

On the practical side, the wine barrel cupboard has got its own natural surface for resting your bottles of wine on. You can put your wine glasses onto it and pour away to your hearts content. It also has a door, so that when your wine barrel cupboard is not in use, it will look neat and tidy.​

What more could anyone ask for, except that your guests all turn up with a bottle of wine for you!​

​Wine Barrels For Sale In The Garden:-

Wine Barrels For Sale As Garden Planters

When you are choosing a wine barrel planter for your garden, always choose one that appeals to you by the way it looks, after all, if you are opting for a wine barrel design, you obviously have something in mind for your garden. If it appeals to you with nothing in it, imagine how wonderful it will look with flowers, fruit or vegetables in it.

I like the multiple wine barrel planters because you have the best of both worlds, you can have flowers, fruit and vegetables all in the one wine barrel. Which is especially good if you are short of space?​

Their natural wood appearance enhances the surrounding area you are going to put them in. I have put mine right next to the patio window, so that I can see it whether I am inside or outside. I have put flowers in all the levels in my planter because I just love the colors.​

​Wine Barrels For Sale As Garden Seats

I absolutely love the thought that I can sit on a garden seat made out of a wine barrel. Maybe it's because I love wine so much! Maybe it's because wine barrels are made from wood, which seems so much more natural to have in the garden.

I can imagine sitting on my wine barrel garden seat, glass of wine in one hand,a bestselling book in the other. I prefer a chair to a stool, so a garden seat with a back would be a priority for me. I would want to relax back into it to read my book. Heaven.​

I think having a seating area that is very pleasant is one of life's luxuries,life is so full on nowadays with different tasks pulling us all in different directions, if you work hard, you should be able to come home to your own sanctuary, you deserve it.​

​Wine Barrels For Sale As Water Storage Planters

Wine barrels for use as water storage seem to me to be one of the most attractive ways to store water. It seems more natural to me to have wine barrels made of wood in the garden as oppose to plastic water storage containers.

If we were all transported back to the caveman era, we would have to make our water storage containers out of the natural resources around us, trees would be the resource we would use to hold our water. I think this is why I am happier with a wooden storage unit instead ofa plastic one in my garden; it is because I know in real life that is what we would have had in the past. I am a sucker for history and all things natural, so the thought of a wooden wine barrel full of water really ticks all the boxes for me.​

Wine Barrels For Sale As Ornaments:-​

Wine Barrels For Sale As Candle Holders​

Wine barrel candle holders look absolutely fantastic. They enhance any room in the home and they add a quirky touch to any get together you have. They area great talking point; your guests will enjoy the lovely warm glow they give off.

It somehow seems right to have wine barrel candle holders when you have a get together, because they create a lovely atmosphere. Drinks will flow; everybody will feel content and happy. Your get together will be a success.

​Wine Barrels For Sale As Christmas Tree Decorations

These wine barrel Christmas decorations are stunning. I feel like they capture my personality exactly. I love anything to do with wine. I love the taste, I love the aroma, and I love the warm glow I get inside when I drink wine.

They are fun to look at, they are unique, they add color to the Christmas tree and they make a statement. Treat your family and friends and buy some for them too.

​Wine Barrels For Sale As Bottle Racks

What can be more suitable for storing your wine bottles in, than a wine barrel bottle rack? This design is so authentic, it looks the part and it does the job it is supposed to. It stores your wine in avery stylish way. It looks good anywhere in the home and I think it says a lot about what type of person you are.

I have mine in the kitchen; it turns an ordinary kitchen Into a kitchen with style. A kitchen that you can feel proud of. I have a mixture of wines in mine. I have red wine and I have white wine stored in it because I really like both.

​Wine Barrels For Sale As Coolers

What a fantastic idea to have a wine barrel as a cooler, I think it is great fun, it is quirky and it adds a different, and unique aspect to storing and cooling your wine at home. I use mine outside when I have friends and family around.

There is something very special when you take a bottle out of the wine barrel cooler, it makes you feel that the wine tastes even better. The wine barrel cooler is a brilliant conversation opener, everybody who sees it wants one.

​Wine Barrels For Sale As Wine Tool Holders

The wine barrel tool holder is totally practical, it holds four tools:-

  1. ​Acorkscrew for opening your bottles of wine.
  2. A decanting pourer
  3. A stopper to keep your wine fresh
  4. A plastic foil cutter

I have a home bar in my house and this beautiful wine barrel tool holder sits on the bar top holding pride of place. It adds a touch of fun to any occasion and it never lets me down when I want to use any of the tools. They all work wonderfully well. I never have to go rummaging around in kitchen drawers anymore because everything I need for pouring wine is right there at my fingertips. This means I can spend more time with my guests because I don't have to go wandering off to the kitchen every five minutes.

Wine Barrels For Sale As Drinks Dispensers​

What person in their right mind would not want one of these absolutely brilliant wine barrel dispensers in their home? I love the way it looks, I love the way it dispenses the wine into the glass. It flows beautifully. I think the wine tastes better when it is poured this way. It just seems totally logical to pour your wine from a wine barrel dispenser.

The flavor of the wine is enhanced because the wine has had time to breathe. It is much nicer to look at than just a single bottle of wine on the side of the table. Another good plus point is that nobody knows how much you have had to drink!

For other cool wine accessories, make sure you check out our wine accessories page.

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