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Is This the End of the Cork vs Screw Cap Debate? [Infographic]

Since the cork vs screw cap debate is one that stirs up so many emotions and is one that is so heated, we did not want to be left out of the discussion. We decided it was time to add our 2 cents to the conversation as well.

What better way to do this than​ hold an exclusive survey of 114 participants to get to the bottom of the consumer's perception of the cork and screw cap? Personally I have never had an issue with screw caps on any type of wine, other than the fact that I have to agree that some "romance" is sometimes lost when you don't have the satisfaction of pulling out the cork. According to our survey, however, many still hold a prejudice against the screw cap as a result of a number of myths.

The question is, are those myths true or not? Let us know what you think.

cork vs screwcap infographic

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Nancy K. - April 13, 2015 Reply

I love this graphic – it’s been interesting to watch the debate rage. I see it everywhere, from personal blogs to industry pages. For me, it’s all about romanticism. I save my corks and beer caps in a drawer in the kitchen and the screwtops don’t look nearly as good. But man, are they easier. Definitely sharing this!

ken gargett - April 15, 2015 Reply

can someone explain to me what is romantic about a glassful of cork taint?

boyd - May 19, 2015 Reply

Ken Gargett, this is a question I’ve always asked. I’ll concede pulling a cork is fairly romantic and satisfying, but a glassful of cork taint is just about the worst thing ever, particularly when you age a fine wine for years and are super excited about opening the bottle.

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