7 DIY Funny Wine Glasses That Can Rock Your Party

7 DIY Funny Wine Glasses That Can Rock Your Party

7 DIY Funny Wine Glasses That Can Rock Your Party

As wine lovers, we all know that getting to know wines is a serious matter. But every now and then, we all leave the sobriety and engage in a fun party. That’s where the funny wine glasses come into the scene. No more fancy stemware and crystal glasses, but funny recipients that can hold your wine and rock your party.

On the market, there are dozens of models of funny wine glasses to choose from. But why settle for a commercial model when you could create something unique for you and your friends?

If you have the skills but lack the inspiration, have a look at these 1 DIY funny wine glasses idea and create the stemware of your dreams.

1. DIY Themed Wine Glasses Using Sharpies

One of the easiest ways to make original and funny wine glasses is to decorate the classic stemware. In the end, we all know that wine tastes better in a “legged” glass.

There are dozens of tutorials showing you how to paint the glasses and transform them into something unique, but if you lack the artistic skills, it might simply be easier to decorate your glasses with Sharpies, or with any other pointy markers, as a matter of fact.

To make some funny glasses that stand out, simply choose a theme, a set of colored Sharpies, and get your hands dirty. You can use the markets to write fun phrases on the glasses or to draw themed motifs, such as sunglasses or snowflakes.

If you want to achieve the best results, wash the glasses before decorating them, degrease their surface with a bit of strong alcohol, and dry them thoroughly before beginning the creative process.

2. DIY Teacup Wine Glasses

As a wine lover, I also love tea. If you and your bunch of friends feel the same, you might all appreciate these DIY teacup wine glasses. Make a set of these, and your “girl’s night in” success is guaranteed.

These original wine glasses are easy to make, and they only require a few basic DIY skills. For this project, you’ll need stems, teacups, and some porcelain or glass adhesive. You can get the stems from old and cracked wine glasses or, as an alternative, you could buy a set of cheap wine glasses and sacrifice them for the art’s sake.

As for the teacups, I usually buy them at flea markets. Roaming through antiquities shops can also be fruitful, as you can find some beautiful vintage china in those places.

To make the “teawineglasses”, simply glue the stems to the cups. If you have to remove the stem from the glass, use a glass cutter to make a sharp cut, then carefully remove them from the upper side of the stemware.

These original wine glasses have a strange, vintage, feeling and they are perfect to cheer up your Mad Hatter’s tea party with the girls.

3. DIY Pastel Wine Glasses For A Bachelorette’s Party

Is your BFF getting married and you’re throwing a bachelorette’s party? Live it up with some original and funny wine glasses.

Pastel colors are ideal for most pre-wedding parties. And instead of buying them, you could use spray paint to decorate a set of simple stemware.

For this project, you’ll need sufficient glasses, spray paint in your favorite pastel colors, paper or kitchen cling film, and some creativity. In the lack of the latter, just paint the stems in a solid pastel color. To decorate the glasses, wrap the upper side in the paper or cling film. Leave out the whole length of the stem and the foot.

Spray the color in a single layer. Spray paint will usually create an even layer of color that will look flawlessly. Leave the paint to dry out, then remove the paper or cling film. To help your friends tell their glasses apart, you could even use a different color for each of your creations.

4. DIY Two-In-One Wine And Tequila Glasses

Sometimes, deciding between wine or tequila is tough. To rock the party as a pro, surprise your guests with your DIY wine and tequila glasses.

To make a set of this original stemware, you will need to invest in 6 funny wine tumblers, 6 colorful tequila shots, and in a tube of glass glue or epoxy.

Before getting to work, prepare your material. This means washing the glasses to remove any greasy residues or build up. If any of the glasses had any labels, now it’s time to remove them. Dry everything well before passing on to the next step.

Once all glasses are cleaned and dried, pick a colorful tequila shot and match it with a wine tumbler. Pour some glue on the bottom of the shot and stick it to the center of the wine tumbler’s bottom. Press well for about one minute and pass to the next pair.

Leave your original stemware to dry overnight. Use these funny wine glasses to sip some of your favorite wine during dinner and flip them upside down to pour yourself some tequila and kick things up a notch later in the evening.

5.  DIY Glamour Wine Glasses

Glam wine glasses are often associated with the big “I do!”, especially when you’re decorating some champagne flutes. However, you can use this method to decorate traditional wine glasses too, either red or white wine glasses.

For this project, you will need as many stem glasses as you want, Martha Stewart glitter paint, thin adhesive tape, and different stencils. Martha Stewart glitter paint has the property to dry out and become dishwasher safe, which is a great reason to use it.

You will also need small foundation sponges and containers to hold the paint. Choose the colors you like best and use the sponge to apply the glitter to the glasses. Use adhesive tape and stencils to create patterns or personalize each glass according to your fantasy.

These stemware are perfect to live your party up or to use as a gift for someone special.

6. DIY Mason Jar Wine Glasses

funny wine glasses

If you really want your wine glasses to stand out and win the big prize at the Most Funny Wine Glasses contest, test your crafts and skills and make a set of mason jars wine glasses. The project is really simple and you can have some of the most original stemware in a blink of an eye.

To make the glasses, you’ll need mason jars and candlestick holders pairs. Choose traditional, glass candlestick holders as they match perfectly with the jars. You’ll also need a tube of glass glue, which is waterproof.

Clean the glasses and holders with alcohol and let them dry. Pour some glue on the top edge of a candlestick holder and put a jar over it, to attach the bottom of the jar to the holder. Press for about one minute, then move on to the next glass.

Leave your funny wine glasses to dry overnight, then surprise your guests at the next gathering. These wine glasses are just perfect to live up a rock or Goth event.

7. Edible DIY Wine Glasses Decoration

 If it’s winter, this idea is perfect for the stemware used to serve mulled wine. If it’s summer, fill up these wine glasses with iced sangria. Either way, your guests will certainly appreciate your inspiration.

To make edible decorations on your traditional stemware, you’ll need corn syrup, cinnamon powder, and the desired stencils. Hopefully, you’ll not run short on wine glasses. And the best part is that you’ll be able to decorate your glasses with a different motif at each party.

The first thing to do is the paint. For this purpose, mix the corn syrup with the cinnamon powder. Stick the desired stencil to the glass and apply the paint with a clean brush. Leave it to dry for at least an hour. In the meantime, you can decorate the other glasses.

This type of decoration pairs perfectly with mulled or red wine, and rocking up your party with these original and funny wine glasses is guaranteed.

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