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The Best Wine Glass Holder To Keep Your Table Organized

The Best Wine Glass Holder To Keep Your Table Organized

Best Wine Glass Holder Reviews

In the interior design, there are often the details and accessories to make a difference. One of the indispensable accessories in a home of a wine lover is the wine glass holder, an accessory designed to keep the stemware safe while enhancing the design of your environment. Don't feel like reading the whole article? Jump to the best wine glass holder selection clicking the links below.

But glass holders come in many types and shapes and they can be used to hold the glasses on the table during lunch or dinner, or even to protect the precious items outdoors when you are camping or going to a picnic.

Because there are dozens of types and models available on the market, the choice of the best wine glass holders is never easy. Apart from the aesthetic and personal considerations, there are other things to take into account, such as the functionality of the item and the sturdiness of the construction.

Let’s see what types of wine glass holders there are, what to look for when choosing them and then read our best wine glass holder reviews to find the right one for you.

Types Of Wine Glass Holders

As already mentioned, there are numerous types of wine glass holders on the market. The choice of the best wine glass holder must be based on personal preferences but also on the purpose and available space. Let’s have a look at the various types of wine holders.

  • Countertop
    This type of glass holders are typically compact and used as freestanding objects on the countertop. They are made of the most various materials, including wrought iron, wood, steel, and often come in wine bottle and glass holder combos.
  • These glass holders are versatile as they can be used for a variety of purposes, from keeping your kitchen organized to keeping your dinner table organized. They can also be used at a wine and cheese party as a support for the glasses before the arrival of the guests.

  • Under The Counter:
    Usually made of stainless steel and with extremely simple designs, these glass holders are usually mounted under a counter top or under a cabinet. They are less versatile than the countertop models yet they represent an excellent way of keeping your space organized if you have a small kitchen.
    Regarding the capacity of these holders, they can usually keep minimum 3 or 4 glasses per rack.
  • Wall Mounted
    The wall mounted wine glass holders usually have a double functionality, that of keeping your space organized and enhancing the design of your environment.
    These holders are typically made of wrought iron, stainless steel or wood and most of the times they have a top shelf that doubles as a wine bottle rack.
  • Hanging
    The main difference between the wall mounted and hanging wine glass holders is the fact that the latest is usually hung from the ceiling. These holders are usually made of iron or stainless steel and have a great visual impact, are elegant and have large capacities.
    This type of glass holder is perfect for mounting in a large kitchen over the cooking island or in the dining room above the table or over a wine rack as a decorative element
  • Outdoor glass holder
    Real wine lovers know that you can’t properly drink wine from inappropriate glasses, and they also know how delicate wine glasses are. To find a compromise for the outdoors, many manufacturers propose individual holders designed to keep your wine glasses safe when camping or when you’re throwing a picnic.
    These holders are made of the most various materials, ranging from stainless steel to wire, plastic, wood or even silicone and rubber..

How To Choose A Wine Glass Holder

Since there are so many types and models available on the market, choosing the best wine glass holder can sometimes be confusing. Let’s see how to choose the right one for you.

The first thing to determine is the reason why you need a glass holder in the first place. Do you need it to keep your kitchen more organized? Or to keep the glasses on the table before serving?

In the first case, a wall mounted or under the counter wine glass holder could be more appropriate than a countertop piece. In the second case, it is easy to understand that a countertop holder is the only one that will serve the purpose.

Another thing to decide is whether you want to exhibit your glasses or not. If you want to keep the wine glasses in sight, then you should choose an elegant wall mounted or hanging holder. If you don’t have many glasses, a counter top holder maybe made of wrought iron can also be a beautiful solution.

However, if you have a little space available and your intention isn’t that of exhibiting your wine accessories, then you can opt for an under the cabinet or under the counter holder that will keep your glasses safe and hidden from the curious eyes.

Another thing to decide is what material you want the holder to be made of. This choice should be based not only on your personal taste but also on the type of interior décor you have. In a rustic environment, there are many wooden wine glass holders that will certainly match the type of interior design.

In a classic or modern environment, the glass holders made of wrought iron will definitely give a touch of style, although the stainless steel models can also be a great choice. For example, in a modern kitchen, you could use a wrought iron or steel hanging holder.

There are also models of wine glass holders made of plastic, but we wouldn’t recommend investing in them. Apart from being of a rather poor quality compared to all the other options available, these glass holders also have a cheap aspect and to put it simply they are plain ugly.

On the other hand, if you mainly need a glass holder for the outdoors, then you should decide whether you want a model that attaches to your camping chair or table through a clip or a model that can be stuck into the ground. In this case, you can opt for plastic, wood or stainless steel models, some of the wooden ones being also equipped with trays on which you can serve appetizers or fruit.

Best Wine Glass Holder Reviews

1. Scrollwork Freestanding Wine Glass Holder

If you are looking for a wine glass holder to decorate and keep organized your dinner table, then this freestanding metal wine glass holder will certainly impress your guests.

This metal holder is an awesome design piece, impressing with its curved lines and beautiful details. The holder has a capacity of 6 glasses that stand around a central pole. The holder rotates around the pole allowing you to easily access each glass.

Scrollwork Black Metal Freestanding Tabletop Stemware Storage Rack

The wine glass hooks are also attractive thanks to the spiral design that keeps the accessories safely in place.

Apart from all this, the black matte finish will add value to your dinner table décor without a doubt.

Things We Liked

  • Impressive design: with a curved central pole that resembles the infinity symbol and beautifully curved holders, this item is designed to become the center of attention when placed on a table.
  • Elegant: the wine holder can match with any style of interior design and it can be used with success at any event.
  • Rotating holders: to access easily any of the 6 wine glasses that can be held by this item, the upper part rotates around the central pole.
  • Easy to carry: the top of the holder is equipped with a loop that can be used either to hang the holder under a countertop when not in use or for an easier transport.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Because of the narrow base, the holder might have balance problems when it is only partially loaded with glasses.

2. Under Cabinet Stemware Holder

Useful. UH-A103 Under Cabinet Stemware rack hold up to 18 wine glasses

If you need a wine glass holder to keep your kitchen organized and stemware safe, then this under cabinet wine glass holder could be the one you are looking for.

This wine glass holder has a capacity of 18 glasses, it is made of durable metal and boasts a chromed finish that matches well with any type of interior design. Apart from this, the holder is easy to mount and it can easily fit inside a cabinet or under the counter if you don’t feel like keeping your glasses in sight.

This stemware holder comes with all the hardware required for its mounting and it is ideal not only for domestic use but also to use in a wine bar or in any other type of bar or pub where stemware is used.

Things We Liked

  • 18 glasses capacity: whether you have a collection of glasses or need to keep organized the glasses in your bar, this stemware holder has a sufficient capacity for any purpose.
  • Sleek design: the holder impresses with a minimalist design that keeps it almost invisible when fully loaded with glasses. When mounted under a cabinet, it will seem that your glasses are floating in the air.
  • Sturdy construction: the wine glass holder is sturdy enough to keep all your stemware safe.
  • Chrome coating: the elegant chrome coating makes this holder match any type of interior design, from classic or rustic to modern and minimalist.

Things We Didn't Like

  • The holder is built to accommodate regular size glasses, but if you have collection glasses with larger footprints, you will probably not be able to use this holder for them.

3. Mango Steam Wall-Mounted Wine Rack and Stemware Glass Holder

If you are looking for the best compromise between a wine rack and glass holder with an attractive look, then this wall-mounted wine rack and stemware glass holder from Mango Steam might be the one you are looking for.

Made of metal with a matte black finish, this wine rack and stemware glass holder has a capacity of five bottles and 6 glasses. Apart from that, the item also has an upper shelf that can accommodate other wine accessories, such as foil cutter and corkscrew, or that can hold more wine bottles or glasses in an upright position.

Mango Steam Wall-mounted Wine Rack with Shelf and Stemware Glass Holder

Apart from this, the rack has a beautiful design that can enhance the look of a rustic or classical environment, as well as the one of a modern kitchen or cellar.

Things We Liked

  • Wine rack and glass holder: the most awesome feature of this wall-mounted accessory is that it combines two functions in one. You will always have both the wine bottles and the glasses at hand.
  • 15 bottles capacity: the wine rack has a capacity of 5 bottles, but the upper shelf can accommodate other 10 bottles in an upright position.
  • 6 stemware capacity: holding 6 wine glasses, this holder is perfect for a family or for when you want to meet your closest friends for dinner.
  • Beautiful design: the sleek metal holder impresses with traditional lines and a beautiful matte finish. It can easily give a touch of class to any environment.

Things We Didn't Like

  • The anchors of this rack and glass holder are not as sturdy as one would expect. This is not a major issue as they can be easily replaced but it still is an annoying downside.

4. MyGift Freestanding Tabletop Stemware Rack

MyGift Freestanding Tabletop Stemware Rack / Spiraling 10 Wine Glass Holder, Black

Another tabletop wine glass holder to consider if you need a solution for more than six glasses and with a more minimalist design is this freestanding stemware rack from MyGift.

This glass holder sets itself apart thanks to the minimalist design characterized by a straight central pole that is standing on a fairly wide base. The glass hooks are arranged in a spiral on the whole length of the pole and they rotate around the pole for an easier access.

Thanks to the spiral design, this wine glass holder has a better balance and stability when partially loaded compared to other similar products.

Apart from that, the attractive matte finish makes this holder suitable to use in any type of environment as it matches with almost all interior designs.

Things We Liked

  • Rotating hooks: to help you access all of the glasses with ease, each of the 10 hooks rotates around the central pole.
  • 10 glasses capacity: this wine glass holder has the perfect capacity for when you want to invite some friends or closest relatives over for dinner.
  • Minimalist design: the holder has an impressive design that can literally match any type of environment.
  • Easy to store: if you are using this holder only for dinner purposes, you should know that you can easily store it in a cabinet when not in use, as it can be easily dismantled.

Things We Didn't Like

  • The holder seems poorly made despite the impressive design. Some hooks are not completely straight and may hold your glasses in an awkward position.

5. Wine Alfresco Wine Glass & Bottle Holder

A wonderful wine glass holder for camping or picnic, the Wine Alfresco set contains a wine bottle holder and two stemware holders that can be easily stuck into the ground and that can safely hold both the bottle and the glasses upright and safe.

The items are made of metal painted in a jet black color, are elegant and easy to transport thanks to the minimalist structure and sleek design.

Apart from that, the design is simply attractive and you will surely draw the attention of the others with your elegance and class.

BEST OUTDOOR WINE GLASS & BOTTLE HOLDER, BONUS Silver Wine Stopper, Premium 3 Piece Stake & Sticks Set

And to keep your wine in the best conditions until you finish the bottle, the set also includes a wine stopper that has a beautiful design.

Things We Liked

  • Sleek design: the glass and bottle holders are easy to transport thanks to the sleek design. They can fit well in a picnic basket or in a backpack if you are going camping.
  • Easy to use: you will not have to worry about hooks or attachments of any kind, just stick your holders into the ground and use them to keep your beverage safe.
  • 21 inches tall: whether you are sitting on a bench, on a picnic blanket or on a camping chair, your glasses will always be within reach.
  • Weather resistant: thanks to the sturdy construction and high-quality coating, the holders can be used regardless of the weather and they stick well in any type of ground.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Although the holders are of really high quality, some users might consider them expensive. There is to say, however, that cheaper products might not meet the same standards.

Conclusion & Final Pick

Deciding which is the best wine glass holder on the market was a daunting task. Not only there are many quality products, but they are so different that it is hard to decide what is the best in any situation.

Nevertheless, we consider the Mango Steam Wall-Mounted Wine Rack and Stemware Glass Holder the best of them all.

This is wine glass holder is probably the most functional, being able to hold both glasses and bottles of wine. It also has a convenient capacity and it can be used as a decorative element as well either in your dining room, in the kitchen or in the cellar.

And even if it might not come with sturdy enough anchors, that is an issue that can be easily overlooked. In our opinion, this wine glass holder really deserves a chance.

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