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Best Decorative Wine Bottles To Enhance Your Wine Business

This post was updated on: October 1, 2019

Best Decorative Wine Bottles To Enhance Your Wine Business

Decorative wine bottles are versatile and easy to integrate into your wine business design. They can make a statement about your personality or add a classy touch to your space. There are many ways to use them. But if you already have clear ideas, check out some of the best decorative wine bottles on the market by clicking the links below.

Regardless of the type of wine business you own, decorative wine bottles are always an inspired choice for the décor. They are easy to integrate into a rustic design and highlight the beauty of an industrial space or eclectic wine tasting room.

In a wine shop, for example, you can use them to decorate shelves or transform them into original lighting solutions. The same goes for a wine tasting room and empty bottles find their place even in a cellar. Paired with traditional or contemporary wine pictures, decorative wine bottles are all you need to add beauty to your space.

If you’re lacking ideas, this guide aims to show you how to use decorative wine bottles, where to use them and how to decide between DIY and ready-to-use.

How To Use Decorative Wine Bottles In The Décor?

Decorative wine bottles are often intended as empty bottles cute enough to display on a shelf. In fact, this is the simplest way to use them as part of your décor. Yet, this isn’t the only solution you can rely on. Chosen wisely, decorative wine bottles can make a statement in a wine shop, in a wine bar, in a wine tasting room and even in a cellar.

How To Use Decorative Wine Bottles In A Wine Shop

Most wine shops have simple and functional designs. Walls full of racks displaying your selection of wines, maybe a professional wine cooler and a countertop. It’s often hard to integrate decorations in such space without making them look like a useless addition. Hard but not impossible.

In a shop decorated in industrial style, you can integrate decorative wine bottles by choosing a wine bottle wall lamp. Install it on an empty brick wall and place a vintage wine poster or minimalist wine image below the lamp.

Few colored bottles arranged next to the counter will add a refreshing touch to the shop. As for the furniture, choose dark grey for the shelves and countertop. A brightly colored accent chair and a side table paired with post-industrial ceiling lamps will certainly complete the design of your wine shop.

How To Use Decorative Wine Bottles In A Wine Bar

The interior design of a wine bar will say a lot about you and your personality. Minimalist functionality or eclectic beauty work wonders in such a wine business, and both styles can benefit from decorative wine bottles.

Wine bottle lights create a mystical atmosphere in an eclectic wine bar. Display them on a shelf behind your counter or use them as centerpieces.

Decorative wine bottle centerpieces are also easy to integrate into a minimalist style space. Use empty bottles as vases, or transform them into original flower pots for small succulents. If you like the classic or French styles, opt for wine bottle wall lights. 

How To Use Decorative Wine Bottles In A Wine Tasting Room

Like wine shops, wine tasting rooms need little furniture. Few tables and chairs, wine shelves and racks, and a cooler to keep the wines at serving temperature.

Display decorative wine bottles either on the tables or on the shelves. A nice idea is to wrap some empty bottles in blueprints, especially if your interior is modern or minimalist. In a classic environment, decorative wine bottle ceiling lamps add individuality and originality to your room.

You can even use decorative wine bottles to help your visitors learn about wine. Simply paint empty wine bottles in chalkboard paint and write down the aromas and flavors in the wine. This original cheat sheet will certainly help newbies understand the tasting. 

How To Use Decorative Wine Bottles In A Wine Cellar

We already showed you how to use decorative wine pictures in your cellar. Pair the pictures with decorative wine bottles for a refined look. Wine bottle lights displayed on a cabinet or in the tasting corner look great in a wine cellar.

Wall lamps made from recycled wine bottles may also be a great choice for a traditional cellar. But other types of bottles can also work wonders in this type of space.

There are many distillates made from wine and you can use bottles of brandy, cognac or even grappa to highlight your wine knowledge and beautify your interior.

DIY Vs. Ready-to-Use Decorative Wine Bottles

There are two types of people. Those who love crafting and those who’d rather save the hassle. We sustain DIY crafts, especially for recycling purposes. Yet, we know that not everyone is talented or eager to spend the time making decorative wine bottles.

 Nevertheless, making DIY decorative wine bottles is easy. There are many ideas to follow, from using empty bottles as vases to making original wine bottle lights. DIY has many advantages and here are some of them:
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    Cost: making decorative wine bottles from recycled materials is cheap or even free.
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    Originality: DIY decorative wine bottles will always be unique. Regardless of how similar they are to those available on the market, you’ll always be able to bring a new twist to the design.
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    Relaxing: if crafts are your hobby, making something new and unique is relaxing .

Ready-to-use decorative wine bottles, however, might be more appropriate for the busy business owners in need of a quick and effective decorative solution. Most of the items available on the market are well-made, beautiful, and it’s even easy to find original and unique pieces.

Therefore, if you’re looking for outstanding decorative wine bottles for your business, here is a top five to choose from.

Best Decorative Wine Bottles For Your Wine Business

1. Gardener's Supply Company Colored Bottle Tree Bottles

Designed as garden decorations but perfect to use in your wine business, these decorative bottles come in a set of six and find their place on wine cabinet or on a shelf behind your counter. The bottles are not specifically wine bottles but the neutral shape integrates them successfully in a wine shop or wine bar.

The bottles match perfectly in both an industrial environment or in an eclectic room. Made of painted glass, they are perfect to use as centerpieces or as wall decorations.

Colored Bottle Tree Bottles

The set contains six bottles. Three of them are slightly smaller than a demi wine bottle, measuring 8 ¾ inches. Shaped as traditional Bordeaux bottles, they come in amber, red, and cobalt blue.

The other three bottles have different shapes and patterns. With a height of 12 ½ inches, these bottles come in green, purple, and orange. The set includes one bottle of each of the colors mentioned above.

Things We Liked

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    Colorful: designed to add a touch of style, these bottles are colorful and easy to integrate into a wine business interior design.
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    Easy to personalize: these decorative bottles are easy to customize. Apart from the bright colors, they are simple glass bottles perfect for DIY projects.
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    Size: these bottles fit well on most shelves and cabinets. The large bottles are slightly bigger than a traditional burgundy bottle.
  • check
    Shapes: thanks to the traditional shapes, the bottles match well in a wine business, whether it is a wine shop or bar, a wine tasting room or a cellar.

Things We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Because the glass is painted, the color might fade away after a while.

2. Bormioli Rocco Country Home Fiesole Bottle

Bormioli Rocco Country

Decorative and stylish, Bormioli Rocco Country Home Fiesole Bottle integrates flawlessly in a wine business décor despite not being a wine bottle. Ideal for spirits and wine distillates, this bottle can easily decorate a wine cellar or a traditional style wine bar.

The bottle is made of lead-free glass and is manufactured in Italy. The traditional Italian style together with the strong wine culture the country is famous for, make this bottle perfect for its purpose.

The absence of lead, BPA, and other harmful chemicals also make the bottle ideal for everyday use. It has a capacity of 24 ounces (or 750 ml) and can hold a fortified wine, your valuable brandy or even homemade grappa.

The bottle comes with a cork, it is shock resistant and dishwasher safe. Suitable for many purposes, this is one of the most versatile decorative wine bottles to buy.

Things We Liked

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    Design: this traditional Fiesole bottle integrates easily in a wine business environment as a decoration or utility object.
  • check
    Lead-free: the bottle is made of lead-free glass and safe to hold beverages. It is ideal to hold red wine aged in a barrel, grappa or wine distillates.
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    Italian: this bottle is manufactured in Italy. It is perfect to use as traditional decoration, it matches a broad range of interior designs and it is suitable to hold beverages.
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    Long-lasting: this bottle is shock resistant and is easy to clean. This product is dishwasher safe.

Things We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    Few people complained about receiving the bottle without the cork.

3. Darice Vintage Glass Bottles with Corks

Darice Vintage Glass Bottles with Corks are ideal to use in many contexts. These bottles come in a set of 10, they have assorted styles and complement with success a traditional wine cellar or an eclectic wine bar or wine tasting room.

These are not wine bottles but rather wine distillate bottles. They are manufactured for decorative purposes only and are made of clear glass. Each bottle has a height of 5 inches and is ideal to use as a centerpiece or decorations on a small shelf.

Vintage Glass Bottles with Corks

The glass is lead-free, thus the bottles can be used to hold small quantities of beverages. In this way, you can use them both as décor and sample bottles for your wine distillates or vinegar.

Because of their size, quality and style, these bottles deliver a versatile solution for your shop or wine business.

Things We Liked

  • check
    Set of 10: these assorted vintage bottles come in a set of 10 and are perfect mini bottles for spirits and wine distillates.
  • check
    Size: 5 inches tall, these bottles fit on most shelves and have the ideal size to use as table centerpieces in your wine bar.
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    Glass: the bottles are made of high-quality and lead-free clear glass. If you want to achieve a colorful décor, fill them with colored water.
  • check
    Corks: the bottles come with corks which prevent the liquids from evaporating. However, the corks might leak.

Things We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    These are not decorative wine bottles but rather wine-related decorations that serve their purpose.

4. BRIGHT ZEAL 11.5" Tall LED Champagne Bottle Lights


Decorative wine bottle lights are one of the latest trends in wine business decoration ideas. They are versatile, look good and embellish any environment. DIY wine bottle lights are easy to make yet you can also consider the BRIGHT ZEAL 11.5" Tall LED Champagne Bottle Lights.

This Champagne bottle with lights makes a charming centerpiece or countertop display. It looks gorgeous both in daylight and in low light conditions and the LEDs light up automatically at dusk.

To enhance the beauty of this lamp, the bottle has a frosted glass finish. This gives the lights a twinkling fireflies effect. Thanks to the choice of colors, this stylish decorative wine bottle integrates perfectly with all types of interior designs.

The lights are powered by 3 AA batteries, included in the package. The timer keeps the lights lit for 6 hours and activates them every 18 hours. This saves you the hassle of turning them on and off.

Things We Liked

  • check
    Choice: these decorative wine bottles are available in two finishes, frosted white and frosted ruby. They integrate well in all decors.
  • check
    Timer: the lights are powered by batteries and come with an integrated timer that lights them up and turns them off.
  • check
    Size: the bottle is a regular champagne bottle. It is 11,5 inches tall and 3,7 inches wide, fitting most shelves.
  • check
    Customer service: these decorative wine bottles are manufactured by BRIGHT ZEAL and come with a 1-month money back guarantee and lifetime customer service support.

Things We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    You’ll have to replace the batteries regularly.

5. AceLife Wine Bottle Light LED Starry String Lights Kit

Looking for traditional decorative wine bottles? AceLife Wine Bottle Light LED Starry String Lights Kit brings the wine bottle lights convenience in a classic Bordeaux bottle. The lamp is easy to operate and versatile to use as a table centerpiece or countertop decoration.

The lamp is made of a Bordeaux wine bottle and measures 11,02x2,87 inches. It contains a string of 10 light bulbs and is powered by 2 AA batteries sold separately.

AceLife Wine Bottle Light

But what strikes is the design. The bottle is painted in an eye-catching pattern with orange paint and it looks great both in daylight and during the night.

The lamp is portable and easy to operate. The beautiful finish is crowned by the presence of the cork and the bottle makes a stylish decoration on a wine shelf, next to the counter or even on the tables in a wine bar.

Things We Liked

  • check
    Bottle choice: Bordeaux bottles are probably the most popular and many novices associate this shape of the bottle to wine. Therefore, they are perfect for your wine  business.
  • check
    Size: these decorative wine bottles are 11,08 inches tall and 2,87 inches wide. Ideal to place on a shelf or display anywhere in your space.
  • check
    Easy to operate: powered by batteries, the lights are easy to turn on and switch off.
  • check
    Tinted glass: the bottles are tinted with orange paint and look great in all light conditions. The long-lasting LEDs provide a warm light.

Things We Didn't Like

  • exclamation-triangle
    The lamp doesn’t come with batteries.

Conclusion & Final Pick

Choosing the best decorative wine bottles is impossible. Subjective choices are driven by personal tastes and we don’t know which options you might like best. For this reason, our top above is so varied. Nevertheless, we had to pick a favorite, and we based our choice on the popularity.

The winner is Gardener's Supply Company Colored Bottle Tree Bottles set. Supposed to be used in the garden, this set is versatile enough to decorate any wine business with success. The assortment of bottles and the choice of colors work well in many contexts.

In fact, the bottles match with a traditional design and with the industrial style. They look beautiful in a minimalist décor and also in eclectic wine bars.

Versatile and joyful, these bottles are even easy to customize. And in the end, the drawbacks resume to the use of paint. Maybe the manufacturer could have opted for colored glass instead.

Despite this minor flaw, we love these decorative wine bottles and are certain they will add style and personality to your wine business.

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